full youtube: Putin’s Address to Russian Parliament and Nation on Crimea Joining Russia

The youtube link is below, but if you go directly to it, it may start with an ad, and after the ad, you will be jumped somewhere into the video. But all you need to do is position the usual slider at the a bottom of youtubes back to the start.

I have looked at several other youtube videos of Putin’s presentation but I seem to have had troubles with them.

3:20 into video we start to see shots of the whole, and impressive, meeting hall. 4:30 Putin actually arrives.

It’s about an hour long. Clearly a very historic moment in Russia. It’s possible some of it is slightly technical and very slightly boring, because Putin is going through a lot of the background of the current events, plus presenting commentary.

Nevertheless, there are several standing ovations, and at the end, people in the audience seem to be getting teary-eyed at the emotional, historic event.

“Full video: Putin’s address on Crimea joining Russia, signing ceremony”


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