Russian – Ukrainian – US – NATO – EU newsitems

Russian – Ukrainian – US – NATO – EU newsitems
The “ria” news site (RIANOVOSTI) seems to be from the Russian view, but still pretty logical and factually complete, and what is also important, is well-written.–Lavrov.html–Russian-Ministry.html me: actually this article is involved with neo-nazie and ultra fascists in Ukraine. Me: What is the historical connection of these groups with the WWII anti-Stalinist Ukrainian groups desperately trying to get help from the invading Hitler army to fight Stalin, but after some thought, Hitler refused because of racial purity issues (see David Irving’s Hitler’s War, a monumental book of our times but unfortunately condemned by Jewish power).–Official.html–Medvedev.html me: maybe will be used as fresh new psychological area open to more modern competitive production methods. Me: Are all these true about cats? “Crimea crisis: Russia and Ukraine hold first meeting”. (so far, 6AM Tuesday 3/25/2014 GMT/UTC, no corresponding coverage on “ria”)



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