Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany, China, Japan,Holocuast Skeptic, PC price, Gays, Cyberforce, Mind and Orgasms

My one-line commentary on a number of news items, with links to the news articles.–Expert-.html Chicago based radio host and author, says Ukraine faces becoming a zombie economy like in Greece. Russian think tank says fights for power are normal in a revolution.–Expert-.html host of CrossTalks says president lacks both interest and knowledge, and delegated matters to amateurs.–FSB.html me: But Chinese are completely silent about Mao’s atrocities (see book Mao the Untold Story). Germany, China, Japan. Me: sad degeneracy of the US. Jewish Holocaust Skeptic. Me: war against truth and logic, using destruction of the individual. and me: PC thinks their hate doesn’t stink. Me: what a terrible life price we pay for naïve forms of PC. But that will never deter the PC-ers. me: a genuine complaint about gays (having sex in parks)..

US Cyberforce Coomand will have more than 6,000 by the end of 2016 Me: Fascinating history. Important to know what the truth really is. But we don’t. Deepest aspects of deceiving the mind about pain and pleasure and harm and benefit to the body.

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