Ghosts of WWII in Explosive Virulent Form. Ukraine, Russia, Putin, Stalin, Atrocities, etc

I should be filling in this post as I get a chance, which may go fast or quite slow. It all fell into place for me in reading one of the online articles on Putin’s damnation of the extremist nationalists in the recent Ukraine turbulence. I’m quite into logic, and so what I write has to be confirmed, but I am basically careful in information I have accumulated. Still it needs to be confirmed more carefully. I believe this will be ultimately pretty explosive, and will constitute the end of one of the major parts of political correctness in our times.

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I wondered about whether the really extreme right wing in the Ukraine went back to the Ukrainian fighters against Stalin. They do. Back then, horrors and atrocities unimaginable in any realistic way by today’s soft-minded people in Europe and in the US and maybe even by many in present-day Russia, were committed by the communists under Stalin against the Ukrainians.
When Hitler was invading the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian resistance wanted so so much to work with him against the Communists. After all, it was utter hell for the Ukrainians under Stalin. After a period of time, Hitler decided not to take them into his side. Racial purity was the deciding factor for Hitler. Can you imagine the state of mind of the Ukrainian resistance, what that must have been like.
In one of the articles I read, a reader commented that these ultra-extreme right wing Ukrainian groups butchered a whole bunch of Jews – back in the WWII period. Someone else – or maybe the same reader – mentioned the these ultra-extreme right wing Ukrainians attacked the Poles. Something conveniently not mentioned in these reader’s comments – or maybe not known by the readers – the communist leadership in Poland (and for that matter in Russia too) was powerfully dominated by Jewish persons. So these fighters in the Ukrainian resistance cannot be overly simple-mindedly condemned.
Another big, big factor, and it would help the Russian people out a lot if this were brought fully into the open. The top communist party leadership for a number of years after the revolution was all non-Russian. And a huge percentage of it was also Jewish persons. That is, the Russian ethnic group was butchered too.
A final factor to be checked, though I am not so sure of this one: There is a biography of Putin. On a right-wing site someone claimed that the original publication of the biography had a Jewish last name for Putin’s mother. This is a complex issue, but as long as we dismantling politically correct ideas, it should be honestly, scientifically looked at, especially the dynamics of the people associated with Judaism, the dynamics of that group, and what happenings those actions were a significant contribution to. Now it is much proclaimed that Putin’s mother had him wear a cross secretly about his neck. But I was once in a discussion group where I took a less than full support position on some political correctness issue, whereupon I was attacked by a woman (verbally) who announced that even though she was catholic her mother was Jewish. The point is, these issues are more multidimensional than we think, but that absolutely does not mean we should not investigate them. There are many issues here. And we should start to look at, and analyze, all groupings of people, in an equal manner, taking into account identity and loyalty to an area, as well as many outliers.
A final comment. Independently of all the above, the Crimea is immensely important to Russia, which has no warm-water ports. Also, I think the West, lead by the US, did a totally shitty job in trying to overly attack Russia’s position in, and honor regarding its interest in, the Crimea.
Also, there is a further factor, though not so clearly defined. The geographic areas of the Ukraine and Russia were, in early medieval times, possibly not so different politically or as a people. But I am not sure of this. Nevertheless it is a relevant point that needs to be openly looked at. If it is the case, and it might have been, it introduces a further immense conflict and complexity in the current situation.

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